Messages from the Management

Managing Director

It's humble inception in 1999 with a vision, a vision even today i along with all of my associates still follow religiously:

  1. Provide highest quality in every regards.
  2. Use quality products at the best price possible.
  3. Our reputation lies in our word and our work we will never sacrifice in either.
  4. Our strength lies in our associates, we strive to provide working atmosphere that they can be proud of.

B.K.M Mahfuzuz Zaman
Managing Director


Established in the year 1999, Rose Group is a Bangladeshi diversified business conglomerate covering wide spectrum of business. Rose has especially prospered expanding its reach and touching lives of people-local and international arena being the preferred choice across export oriented garments manufacturing for global apparel market. It’s a company of people who care about people and the community we serve and partners of business we manage. Rose continues to have a proud history of doing business honorable, of working to improve the quality of life and living, maintaining ethical behavior, honesty and fair dealing. Our spirit of social responsibilities exemplify our spirit of caring.     We, at Rose are adapting and accepting dynamic advancement of techniques for maintaining latest standard and quality control issues to meet our commitment to fulfill the reliability that customers need, and on top the service and timeliness to shipment that counts high to its stake holders.  All initiatives of Rose Group is extensively focused to provide its customers best service, best product and best price through world class performance. Our programs are designed to accommodate the spirit of caring, we care for our environment, stakeholders our customers and investors, our host communities and our own people as they, as we recognize, are integral parts to our march ahead.

Sazeda Mahfuz


It is my pleasure to write a brief note on our company when the garment industry is faced with numerous challenges to move forward whilst competing with cheaper neighboring markets and high production costs. The inability to find skilled labor , unwillingness to step into the industry and the opportunities offered in the tourism, fashion and the retail industries has forced the garment factories today to invest on more automatic machines , advanced systems and methods to increase productivity.

Rose Group has always offered quality products and serviced the industry to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the factories. We would continue to support the industry in the future too to help gain more customers and stand firm in the Global Apparel market.

Especially at an important juncture where we are completing ten years in the business, I would like to place my sincere gratitude to all our customers, business partners and well- wishers who accepted our products /services and supported us to achieve our goals and achieve the level of growth that we enjoy today.

B.K.M Samiuzzaman


In life never rely on book knowledge. Always learn, do and experience things practically. Experience is what will differ you from the others. Just having good grades and result isn’t enough, experience is necessary. Without having practical knowledge and experience it’s not possible to get ahead of others.

B.K.M Rafiuzzaman