Rose Group strictly maintains the compliance requirements as per ILO and Bangladesh Government rules and regulations for factory workers’ safety, health and hygienic factors. The factory building having ACCORD & Alliance inspection certification is professionally designed for apparel manufacturing with sufficient consideration to provide its worker’s safe and comfortable atmosphere at work place as a high priority issue. Our Strengths are:

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  • Rose is a 100% compliant manufacturing company.
  • Fire exits and sufficient fire protections on each floors.
  • No underage worker is employed, all workers are over 18 years.
  • Guaranteed minimum wages for workers.
  • No forced labour, overtime is voluntary on occasions.
  • No woman in heavy machine operation.
  • First aid facilities are available in each department.
  • The factory premises is smoking free.
  • Each floor is well ventilated.
  • Boilers and generator conveniently located in safe zone in the factory area.
  • Pure drinking water supply is available.
  • Upkeep of proper method for materials safety are in place.
  • Regularly maintained Automatic Fire Detection Systems exists.
  • Fire doors do exist having prominently indicated for emergency use.

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